Friday 26 July 2013

DIWHY - Crystal Soda Cream

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To celebrate their first Birthday, Vienna label Totally Wired is putting out a twelve-track compilation album that showcases the city's post-punk scene, all for a measly four Euros. As a promotional single from the compilation, they're spreading the word about Crystal Soda Cream whose track 'DIWHY' is included amongst the delights on offer. It has been surprising that we've discovered so much great music in Austria, and Vienna in particular has a great scene. Just type either word into our search box to find more.

From their recent album 'Escape From Vienna', 'DIWHY' is post-punk in its experimental form, which is really what the whole genre was meant to be about in the first place, so it's good to have bands still carrying the torch. This scratchy, throbbing song is sharp and driven by a bobbing, repetitive bassline with percussion that alternates between frantic clicks and a more pounding beat. It does sound as though it could have come from the first wave of post-punk, yet it simultaneously sounds bang up to date. A decent advertisment for a decent compilation.

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