Thursday 25 July 2013

Chinese Robots - Just Watch Your Way

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It's very difficult to pinpoint exactly where Parisian quintet Chinese Robots fit in when considering the grand scheme of music. It could be that their fusion of styles to develop this particular brand of noise-pop is an entirely new one. Certainly comparisons don't come easily. Their new 7" single features the tracks 'Just Watch Your Way' and 'Holy Dirt', but what exactly are they? Punk? Electro? New-wave? We could go on, but if your brain can manage to think of a combination of Sparks, Joy Division and Crystal Castles then you have a great imagination, and one that's possibly a bit like Chinese Robots.

It's perhaps Just Watch Your Way' that's hardest to classify. It begins with twinkles, a quick beat and some unusual "oooh" sounds in the background. It's not a million miles from something The Postal Service might make. But then you hit the chorus and everything becomes more abrasive. From that point on it's a festival of noise, from grinding guitars to forceful vocals and odd electronics. In short, it's quite something. 'Holy Dirt' is similar in that it starts with high-paced electronic beats but the harshness is brought to the fore much sooner and we're essentially looking at a modern electro-punk track. It's all very impressive.

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