Sunday 28 July 2013

GEMS - Sinking Stone

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Some groups get featured on the site occasionally, if they have a decent single out and so on, but others get featured with every single release they put forward, and this is generally the mark of a good band. Let's take Washington, DC duo GEMS for example. They sent in a track last November called 'Void Moon', it was great, so we featured it. Then they sent in a single called 'All I Ever', it was great, so we featured it. Then they sent in a single called 'Pegasus', it was great, so we featured it. I think you get the idea...

GEMS are very good at making dreampop and doing so without being overly dependent on past acts to borrow ideas and sounds from, although vocals in this style will almost certainly draw the odd Cocteau Twins comparison. They've recently sent us a new song, it's called 'Sinking Stone' and it's great, so here it is. Once more the song floats by with only the beat anchoring it to the ground. Along with the misty-eyed soundscape comes a guitar solo which shoots it even higher into the stratosphere. When it comes to making beautifully-crafted, delicious and dreamy pop songs, GEMS have it nailed, and they're great.

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