Friday 26 July 2013

Jupiter Lion - Black Mouth

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It can be a bit silly to generalize about the music produced in specific countries, as like anywhere there will no doubt be countless scenes. What filters through to us doesn't represent the entire musical output of any given place, but when it comes to Spain we've noticed that they've caught the indiepop bug recently, and, thanks to bands like Delorean, are experts in the field of credible, chilled-out dance music (call it chillwave if you must) and the euphoric tunes that go hand in hand with it. Jupiter Lion make electronic music, but theirs is a little different.

New single 'Black Mouth' is a bit of a beast. The drums aren't electronic (or if they are it's well disguised) and the track has much more backbone than you might expect. A UK contemporary might be the hugely underrated Higamos Hogamos who make similarly sturdy, psychedelic instrumentals that fit both the alternative dance floors and regular listening. 'Black Mouth' is a big song and it takes you on a journey, one that, as the name suggests, has a cosmic feel to it. It's experimental at the same time as drawing on krautrock and big beat scenes gone by. It also should be absolutely massive.

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