Friday 26 July 2013

The Sundowners - Don't Come Knockin'

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There's a definite hint of US alt-rock and even country about Merseyside band The Sundowners, who are offering up their first new material since last year's 'Hummingbird' (unless we've missed out on anything). Both songs on 'Don't Come Knockin' could be the product of the expanses of the southern States, with B-side 'Shifting Sands' in particular having a little of that desert feel to its garage-rock sound, but they're not harking back to a different time. Despite the common song structure and even the odd cliche in the lyrics, it's still a fine song with a great restrained guitar solo

It's A-side 'Don't Come Knockin'' that's (naturally) where the money is though. Indulging in the modern garage-rock sound but keeping it distinctly US-sounding, this is a song that's more immediate, has a good riff and some deep, buzzing guitar. Again the band show restraint in the musicianship. It's inch perfect and works brilliantly, but they never go over the top and risk detracting from the song. The driving beat and choral cacophony of electronic rock will keep this one in the memory that little bit longer.

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