Friday 26 July 2013

Crushed Beaks - Feelers

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Had we known about London duo Crushed Beaks before single 'Breakdown' which came to our attention at the end of January, they'd have been a dead cert for our Sound Of 2013 list, but we didn't, so we've been making up ground and giving their superb tunes plenty of promotion ever since. You can skip back a few weeks and check out the wonderful 'Tropes' too if you like, it's highly recommended. Today they've made another new track live for us to get our ears around. It's called 'Feelers'.

It will be on September 16th that the 'Tropes' EP is released, and the aforementioned title-track will be included, as will this song. A typically confident and driving piece of modern indie-punk, 'Feelers' is the sound of a band at ease, safe in the knowledge that they're on to something but without the need to turn into a bravado-fuelled, egotistical disaster. Whether they make much of a dent in terms of sales remains to be seen, but they deserve to, and we're certain we won't be the only critics who agree on that one.

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Catch them live:

TUE 30 JUL Madame JoJo's, London, UK
FRI 09 AUG Knee Deep Festival 2013, Cornwall, UK
THU 19 SEP The Lexington, London, UK

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