Thursday 25 July 2013

Tusindfald - Kys

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Danish group Tusindfald are the concept and child of Jesper Lundage. He relinquishes to us an elegiac slice of uplifting, hypnotic, ethereal dreampop with 'Kys'. Like Sigur Ros before them, Tusindfald draw you in with gentle tones which float into a sonic dreamscape that cocoons you with its radiance. Bewitching, almost Liz Fraser-esque vocals swirl around and soon you are utterly lost in the beauty of 'Kys'.

The only disappointment comes when the song ends, as you would willingly continue to be absorbed into 'Kys' for the longest time. Hopefully Tusindfald have many more gems to entrance us with.

Tusindfald's website

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