Tuesday 30 July 2013

Empty Chairs - Akira

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

As the saying goes, remember remember the fifth of November, for that is the date that Brooklyn dreampop trio Empty Chairs will be releasing their debut album 'Caveat Emptor'. Beginning life as a solo project in 2011, Pete Spear recruited Whitney Broadstreet and Matthew O'Koren to add some meat to the songs he was writing, and the full band was born. We (and they) described them as dreampop, and this description does fit, but there's a whole range of other influences to what they do if we're to judge their sound on the strength of new single 'Akira'.

All kinds of strange electrical sounds pepper the backing like an organised form of chaos, then vocodered vocals join in and give the track something of a space-age feel, although this would be retro-futuristic more than anything else. Psychedelic? Yeah that word could be used too, but then anything unusual is generally described as being so. 'Akira' is really like some sort of twisted pop song that's been passed through so many filters that it's unrecognisable from its original incarnation. And naturally that's a very good thing.

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