Sunday 28 July 2013

We Are Ghosts - All Alone

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As you may expect from a song called 'All Alone' by a band called We Are Ghosts, this single could happily be described as haunting and desolate. The idea behind We Are Ghosts is that they're a huge musical collective that brings together musicians to create often just one-off songs, usually using improvisation and not restraining them to a single genre. The list of people who have been involved in the process is a very lengthy one, but the most recent result is (perhaps unsurprisingly) a double album, 'Bleeding/Healing', from which this single is plucked.

After a foreboding and sparse intro that seems to last an age, the treated guitar and minimal percussion is joined by a drifting and ghostly female vocal that appears to sway, disembodied in the background. Think Mazzy Star creating the soundtrack to a particularly sinister nightmare. This slow-burning technique manages to add an air of suspense to the song and does result in something of a cinematic feel, meaning that the accompanying video is a natural partner to the music. As electronic sounds come and go and the guitars continue to wail in a strange way, that voice eventually drifts off into the ether leaving us with nothing, although the journey to getting there has been a very enjoyable one.

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