Sunday 28 July 2013

Animal Years - Sun Will Rise

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It could just be my imagination, but there seems to have been a big resurgence lately in US blue-collar alt-rock music. Perhaps this has been inspired by bands like The Hold Steady and The Gaslight Anthem, both of whom have enjoyed both critical and commercial success, plus in his decades-long career, Bruce Springsteen's stock has perhaps never been as high as it is right now, having transformed into the noble elder statesman of the scene. Animal Years are a new band from Brooklyn who follow very much in that lineage and will be releasing their album 'Sun Will Rise' in September.

The main creative force of the band is Mike McFadden who the press release describes as "seasoned but young", and judging by this song we'd have to agree. Whatever his age, this is a near perfect example of its genre and sounds like the work of a bunch of pros who are on top of their games. This is indie-rock with plenty of grandeur, but grandeur that's written into the song, not added in the production suite. The expected big chorus arrives and sounds like the potential stadium-slaying monster that it may become. There's nothing new to be found here at all, but that's not the purpose of the song. The purpose is to create emotional, passionate and evocative music, and in that respect it's mission accomplished.

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Catch them live:

FRI 23 AUG Pianos, New York, NY, US
TUE 17 SEP Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2, New York, NY, US

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