Saturday 27 July 2013

Tropic Of Cancer - More Alone

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The one-sided 7" single is something of a rarity, and off the top of my head I can only think of one in my personal collection, but it's this format that Tropic Of Cancer will use for forthcoming single 'More Alone'. The project of Camella Lobo has a new album, 'Restless Idylls', due out on September 23rd which is written, recorded and produced entirely as a solo project. A different version of 'More Alone' will feature on the album, but before then we get this rather fab single version.

We find ourselves looking at retro electronica again, yet done in a different way to most. This track has a constant, almost motorik beat to it and it buzzes and fizzes and hums with the washes of what sound like analogue synths. Buried deep in the mix are vocals, although good luck in trying to decipher them. This is actually a really good song and well worth a single release, because despite sounds from the past creeping in they're not often used in this way, and that is to create what should be moody and dark electro-pop but ends up being a light, appealing and warm sounding tune.

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