Wednesday 31 July 2013

Joaquim Barato - April To July EP

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Born in Lisbon but now residing in Peru, it's clear that Joaquim Barato will have absorbed more than one culture (in fact his travels may have taken him to many more) and this can be felt on his current EP 'April To July' Although the EP centres around what would probably be described as a mixture of post-rock and dreampop, there is an exotic leaning to some aspects of his sound that we don't find in many North American or European artists who cover similar sonic ground. Taking care of every aspect of this EP barring the artwork (credit there goes to Peruvian artist Maria Elena Alvarado), 'April To July' is very much a DIY affair.

Beginning with the instrumental post-rock of 'Corazón de Conejita tràs el Atlantico', Barato manages to avoid falling into the trap of needlessly extending the song beyond its natural limits, and this results in a song that captures all of the intended spirit and atmosphere without the tiresome extravagance that often gets thrown in with it. The expansive sound many seek is caught here in just four-and-a-half minutes. The EP's other tracks are two versions of 'On My Way', the first being a slow-paced, electric guitar-driven tune that brings in those accented vocals and asks the question "Why do I seem to be so far away from my home?". The chimes of guitar again lend a post-rock feel to the song. It's maybe the acoustic version of the same track that holds the most power though, with those vocals being allowed to express themselves more clearly without the extra instrumentation. Either way, Barato seems like a man who has more than one trick up his sleeve.

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