Sunday 21 July 2013

Aye Nako - For The Inverted

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Brooklyn band Aye Nako describe themselves as "four weirdos", and while the music they make isn't the most common sounding in the world, calling it weird would be a bit much. Instead they specialise in what Brooklyn bands do best: experimental guitar-based tunes that take elements from indie, punk, garage and elsewhere. They recently released their debut album 'Unleash Yourself' and the album's first single is a little cracker called 'For The Inverted'.

Crisp and full of attitude (but in an entirely non-self conscious way) the light female vocals are offset perfectly by the droning fuzz of guitars that permeates the whole song. 'For The Inverted' is a splendid example of why guitar music will always have a place: it's fresh, vibrant and engaging. This isn't a song to hide in the background, it jumps out at you and makes sure you damn well listen to it. Underneath it all lies a great pop tune, but the permenant sound of static electricity and the appeal that comes from leaving the song alone to do its thing, not ironing out the creases, makes it almost irresistible.

Stream or buy the album from Aye Nako's website

Catch them live:

Aug 14th: Philadelphia, PA (Olympia)
Augt 23rd: Brooklyn, NY (1094 Broadway)
Aug 31st: Chicago, IL @ 4th Annual Black and Brown Punk Show
Sept 5th: New Brunswick, NJ Noun
Sept 7th: Brooklyn, NY @ Glasslands (289 Kent Ave)

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