Monday 29 July 2013

Pylo - Bellavue EP

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With a sense of expectation I place the headphones on to indulge myself in Pylo and their EP 'Bellavue'. Instantly a stark but warm lone guitar glides over, then the emotive, powerfully emotive vocals of Matt Aldus grab hold of you. And so we are already entranced by lead song 'View'. The song expands as it intensifies. Like the sun rising, it builds and builds with a stately yet utterly irresistible grace, flooding everything with resonant colour. 'Enemies' is the only familiar song here, but rather than that familiarity breeding contempt, its grandeur is heightened by being in such rarefied surroundings. Here the song has an outro of a lone baritone sax, a sublime, playful Floyd-esque moment.

More measured but no less intense, 'Crying on Land' is full of intricate, sparkling Nick McCabe style guitar motifs. While the song glides and waltzes around, we hear questions of "where you really go with this love?" The song sustains an elegiac form, which ebbs and flows quite beautifully. With opening flourishes of 'Riders on the Storm', 'Bare Eyed' then sweeps into view with a wonderful near pop hook, and a enticing bass ties it all together. Like those handful of U2 and Simple Minds tracks that have no ego and simply revel in the life affirming, 'Bare Eyed' is similarly regaled with a sense of glory and abandon that takes you sky-bound. Then all becomes calm and that guitar spreads out. With 'Bellavue', Pylo have given us four songs which demand repeated plays, and grow every time. If the EP is this good, then surely the album will be something truly special.

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