Tuesday 30 July 2013

Shadow Shadow - Riviera

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

Shadow Shadow initially began life in 2009, but it would be quite some time before any music saw the light of day. Mattias Friberg started the project in a cottage in the Swedish countryside, and it wasn't long before other musician friends stopped by to lend a hand to the sounds he had begun to create using a plethora of electronic instruments. Some way further down the line, we get Shadow Shadow's first international release, 'Riviera', and from the off it's clear that his cottage full of electronic instruments may not have been state of the art, as the intro to 'Riviera' is purely retro, and not unlike the early works of greats like Jean Michel Jarre.

This is a warm analogue sound, and it does stay for the whole song, but as we progress so does the instrumentation. Joint male and female vocals sing an almost country-style song over the top and the synth layers increase. It's not unlike a less poppy Sound Of Arrows, especially the breaks to allow those vintage sounds space to come through again. 'Riviera' ends up growing into something quite intricate. B-side '1000001' really deserves equal billing, as the same mixture of past and present is used, this time with a sole female vocal that's part dreampop and part more conventional mainstream sounds. Both tracks here are high quality and hint at bigger things to come.

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