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The Dirty Rivers - Q&A + The Kid video

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Liverpool band The Dirty Rivers make an impressive noise, as heard on there single 'The Kid' which you can check out below. We dropped them a line about their ambitions, spreading the word about guitar bands and broken ankles.

TSOC: Hello The Dirty Rivers! Your recent single 'The Kid' had a pretty huge sound. Is it your ambition to become as huge as possible as a band or would you be happy with cult status

Mikey: That would be the golden ticket, but we need to dominate the club scene first. These things take time.

Ryan: Of course we want to be massive. What else is there to be? We don't want to be playing the same gigs now in five years time! We want to be headlining the biggest stages all over the world.

TSOC: In terms of performing live, do you think that such a sound would translate well to bigger stages? Can you see yourselves getting high on the bill on festival main states and so on?

Mikey: Yeah totally we've already tested it out at mini festivals in our own city, the bigger the stage the better we perform. If we carry on working hard and doing the right things, then yer why not these stages need big bands, who you gonna get to fill 'em? The 1975, I don't think so.

Ryan: I think we sound better on big stages as we already have a big sound, the big stages just make it even bigger. As far as being high up on the bill? Yeah of course I can, that's our goal!

TSOC: You're from Liverpool which is of course one of the most important cities in rock and pop history. Do you feel any pressure to live up to the success of past bands?

Mikey: Apart from The Beatles, when was one of these past bands big? None of them have really scaled the same heights. We put our own pressure on ourselves, to do well.

Ryan: There's obviously something to live up to we're from the same city as The Beatles, the biggest band the world has ever seen. But that's completely different to what we're doing it was 50 years ago things have moved on, music has changed along with so many other things.

TSOC: And what about contemporaries? You're making a form of indie/alternative guitar music at a time when that genre isn't selling as well as it has in the past. What other bands or artists do you see as being on a similar wavelength?

Mikey: The only reason guitar music isn't selling, is because no one knows about the bands that are making the music. So it's good karma on you for carrying out this interview. The quicker people start backing bands again, guitar music will be everywhere. It'll be back, there's always a fight back.

Ryan: Bird Sound are pretty cool. There are a few good bands out there which is good as it means we are all working together to bring some real music back.

TSOC: You've just been on your first tour – how was it? Any rock 'n' roll stories or mischief you'd care to share with us?

MIkey: Some broken ankles, some free party supplies and plenty of empty bottles.

TSOC: Bands increasingly say you need to keep gigging to make a living. What's most important to you as a band? Making records or playing live?

Ryan: For me it's playing live, its great when people are coming to see you so you obviously want to give them the best show you can. Being in the studio is amazing too though, I enjoy recording our tunes and the doing whatever we want to them.

Mikey: If any of these bands your talking about are the ones that had their day about 20 years ago, do us a favour and next time you see them, tell em to give it a fucking rest. It's like the Die Hard trilogy, it should of stopped in 1995.

TSOC: Are there any plans for an album in the pipeline, or will we be hearing a few more singles before you get to that stage?

Mikey: A few more singles, then the album. We've only just started to be honest, we've got a lot more in the locker.

TSOC: Finally, it's fantasy festival time. You guys are headlining and you get to pick five bands or artists, past or present to share the bill with. Who do you go for?

The Verve 1991-1992
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
The Rolling Stones 1968-1973
The La's
Fleet Foxes

I'd be having Funkadelic
Sly and The Family Stone
James Brown
Tame Impala

The Dirty Rivers new single 'The Kid' is out on July 22nd.

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