Saturday 1 February 2014

Making Marks - Bruises

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We've been here before and we'll surely be back again. Scandinavian indiepop is a regular fixture round these parts, and somehow the bands just keep coming. There's a little confusion as to what we can tell you about Oslo band Making Marks, four people whose website says "Norwegian indiepop since 2007", but whose Facebook page says "...we started in 2012...". Well, as far as the music goes these facts won't disrupt your listening pleasure, and it certainly is a pleasure. However long they've been together, Making Marks will be releasing their debut album 'A Thousand Half-Truths' next week. Perhaps there's a certain irony in the title of that one...

Single 'Bruises' is pretty much what you'd expect from guitar-pop made in that part of the world; they're not pretending otherwise and neither will we. The melodies are what will catch your ear, the recognizable shuffle and jangle will be as familiar as listening to one of your favourite albums. That said, there's not really another song that this sounds like; all the parts may be well used, but Making Marks haven't borrowed the actual song, and so we can't say they're ripping anyone off, it's more a case of knowing what they like and knowing how to get it. If you like pop, if you like guitars, and if you like good songs, then you'll like 'Bruises'. It really is as simple as that.

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