Wednesday 19 February 2014

Lurch & Chief - Mother/Father

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More goodness from the Melbourne scene, and this time it's a sextet called Lurch & Chief who are following-up the first single from their current 'Wiped Out' EP with the hectic, soaring and anthemic 'Mother/Father'. We say hectic, but this isn't a fast-paced run through some clattering punk or something similar, it's hectic purely because of the amount of sounds that have gone into this track. With six of them in the band perhaps that's to be expected, but from the hits-you-like-a-wall opening bar of joyous vocal cries and cymbal crashes, they don't allow any gaps to appear anywhere. This is a wall of sound, but not in the Phil Spector sense, Lurch & Chief offer something that sounds more in your face and unavoidable.

To be honest, you wouldn't really want to avoid this, as the relatively paired-down female vocals do battle with the urgent cries of their male counterparts, it all feels a bit like having a huge hair-dryer pointed at your face. 'Mother/Father' wakes you up, slaps you round the chops, thrusts the sound of what seems like an entire music shop's worth of instruments down your ears and then buggers off leaving you wondering what just happened. We'd call it powerpop but it doesn't quite fit that genre, although it sure has power and it sure has memorable melodies. This is the sort of song that commands to be played very very loud. The band give no half-measures here, and neither should you.

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Catch them live:

Mar 15 The Liberty Social,Melbourne, Australia
Mar 20 Village Green Hotel w/ Stonefield Mulgrave, Vic, Australia
Mar 21 Hallam Hotel w/ Stonefield, Hallam, Australia
Mar 22 Theatre Royal w/ Stonefield, Castlemaine, Australia
Mar 26 Transit Bar w/ Stonefield, Canberra, Australia
Mar 27 Carmen's w/ Stonefield, Miranda, Australia
Mar 28 The Roller Den w/ Stonefield, Newtown, Australia
Mar 29 The Small Ballroom w/ Stonefield, Mayfield, Australia
May 17 Big Pineapple Music Festival, Queensland, Australia

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