Thursday 13 February 2014

David Bronson - One Simple Myth

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When sitting down to write a review, the keys on my computer that spell out the words "dreampop" and "psychedelia" begin to tremble, already anticipating that they're in for another battering. Well, it's artists like David Bronson that they have to blame. Last year he released a string of quite wonderful singles that offered something different. When you're a singer-songwriter (we're not exactly in short supply of those) from New York (barely a day goes by where we don't featured a band from that area) then you need to offer something different, because you're one artist in a flooded genre that resides in a city where the bands to population ratio seems higher than most.

He keeps on coming up with the good though, and new single 'One Simple Myth' is more proof. Forget the tedium of a bloke and an acoustic guitar (the description of most singer-songwriters) and forget the blending of indie and electro-pop (most bands in New York), because this pensive delight is... well, it's a cross-breeding experiment between psychedelia and dreampop. You might know those genres, I think we've mentioned them in the past. The vocals are ace on this song, carrying emotion without straining or going over the top, and also giving off a warm, hazy glow that soothes the soul. A direct comparison is difficult to think of, and that in itself is something worth shouting about. Let's hope Mr. Bronson keeps up this run of good form.

David Bronson - One Simple Myth (Official) from David Bronson on Vimeo.

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