Monday 10 February 2014

Primitive Parts - Signal/Open Heads

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OK, sometimes it's best to just cut to the chase. Primitive Parts are frigging brilliant. You could suggest that being comprised of members of Male Bonding and Sauna Youth that they ought to be able to knock together a few tunes, but what often happens when members of other bands join forces is that they have a load of fun collaborating with like-minded souls but that the end product doesn't quite stand up to the material they produce with their main groups. With this trio, the exact opposite is true: we get the best of everything they have to offer. Nothing is held back for their day jobs, they've given themselves free reign to be absolutely awesome.

The two tracks here are modern garage-rock; now that's hardy a revelation, and neither is citing Australian bands such as The Eddy Current Suppression Ring or The UV Race as influences. Those bands are good, but not this good. 'Signal' borrows guitars from those bands, but applies more of a breezy dynamic and a shed-load more melody. It's a thrilling ride that wakes you up, dusts you off and makes you feel on top of the world. With a slightly more British punk edge, 'Open Heads' is similarly refreshing and makes good use of vocal harmonies which are often overlooked (well, in tune ones at least) when it comes to this style of music. In short, Primitive Parts are a bit like being in Sochi and sliding down the luge to find you've smashed the world record: crisp, bracing, exhilarating and generally unbeatable.

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19th February - Ace Hotel, London
22nd February - Ryan's Bar, London

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