Tuesday 18 February 2014

Gossling - Harvest Of Gold

Single review by soul1@thesoundofconfusion.com

Earlier today we were talking about how certain cities seem to attract talented musicians. One of the places we mentioned was Melbourne, so step forward Aussie songbird Gossling. She's yet to really hit the UK (the album 'Harvest Of Gold' is available on import if you fancied re-mortgaging your house) but she'll surely be capturing hearts in the Northern Hemisphere soon enough and there's bound to be a British and American launch on the horizon. We've only heard the title-track of her album, but according to reports she's no one-trick pony, utilising many instruments and styles and generally dazzling all who are lucky enough to discover her talents. We were suggested that Regina Spektor might be a suitable comparison, and that certainly works for this track at least.

Her voice is soft and delicate but still manages to be the centre of attention thanks to her unique style. Musically this is sweet and irresistible too. Even those whose tastes are more commonly based in rock or harder electronic music will find beauty here. The bobbing melody means that it's a song that can be appreciated properly after just a couple of listens, and the production and arrangements are absolutely perfect. With a voice like this it would be too easy to overcook everything and bury one of Gossling's best assets, but everything is slightly understated, but not at the expense of a warm richness; it's a case of balancing everything perfectly in the mix for optimum impact, and that's a goal that's been achieved. Don't be surprised if waves are made in this country before too long.

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