Thursday 27 February 2014

Yuck - Another One

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There's a certain irony to the title of this track. I wasn't the only one to worry about the future of Yuck following the departure of frontman Daniel Blumberg, but I was worrying about nothing. Their next album proved to be their best yet, and it wasn't made up of left-over ideas that needed a home. Just a few months after that record, no laurels were rested on, as the band dropped the brilliant 'Athena' from a forthcoming new EP, 'Southern Skies'. At the moment, Yuck are simply flying; throwing out songs with effortless grace and wasting no time in doing so. Following shortly after the first helping from the new EP, the band serve up another track that once again comes on a silver tray, sparkling in the sunlight.

Whether or not they chose the title 'Another One' as if to say - "thought we'd struggle? Well, let's prove you wrong, here's another one..." - is maybe unlikely, as it is part of the lyrics to the song and is more to do with love than letting the world no that they're refusing to die. 'Another One' is, once more, up there with the best they've made to date. They seem to have settled for a more shoegaze oriented sound, and this really suits them. The constant hum is beautifully offset by melodies that are sent down from on high. The chorus is blissful and contains some magical harmonies. Really, Yuck are making this whole thing look very easy at the moment, and I sincerely hope they continue to do so, I could happily listen to another one like this.

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Catch them live:

THU 27 FEB Ekko, Utrecht, Netherlands 
FRI 28 FEB Merleyn, Nijmegen, Netherlands 
SAT 01 MAR Yuck, Groningen, Netherlands 
TUE 11 MAR Independance Club, Madrid, Spain 
WED 12 MAR Sala López, Zaragoza, Spain 
THU 13 MAR Music Hall, Barcelona, Spain 
FRI 14 MAR Wah Wah, Valencia, Spain
TUE 18 MAR Imperial, Berlin, Germany 
WED 19 MAR Blue Shell, Cologne, Germany 
THU 20 MAR Hamburg, Germany 
SAT 22 MAR, Salon İKSV, Istanbul, Turkey

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