Monday 10 February 2014

The Pierces - Kings

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When combining more alternative genres with pop music you can be walking on very thin ice. New York sisters The Pierces have been doing this since the turn of the millennium though, so they know how to navigate safely. There have been a few changes in style over the years, the odd foray into folky and psychedelic realms, but they always remain current, and this is surely the reason behind their longevity. It's been three years since the pair have released any new music of note, so an album or an EP is certainly due, and they spoil us by delivering both. Fifth album 'Creation' has now been given a release date for the first week of June, and prior to that, EP 'Believe In Me' can be yours to own from the end of March.

Already though, they've given us a taste of things to come by unveiling 'Creation''s first single, 'Kings'. This shouldn't be a let down to anyone who's an existing fan, and will probably succeed in gaining them a few more. This indiepop with the emphasis on "pop". Strip away the percussion, vocals and lead instruments and you have what could be the base of a dreampop song, but it's embellished with a firm beat, some booming rolls that could be lifted from the ongoing '80s electro-pop revival, and also some powerful and confident vocals that sit at the front, almost as a figurehead for the song, making sure it doesn't slip past unnoticed. When you return with something as strong as this then a three-year wait seems well worth it.

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