Wednesday 26 February 2014

Five For Free #267

Reveries - Tip Of Your Tongue

Much has happened with Swedish guitar-pop band Reveries since we were lucky enough to discover them last summer. They have new material available and an exciting summer planned with plenty of gigs and festivals to help spread the word. If you're yet to hear their classic indie sound then you can download the first of two new tracks, 'Tip Of Your Tongue', for free.

Reveries' website

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My Red Dress - Dream

Ah, another enigmatic band with the sound to match. 'Dream' is the perfect title for this fuzzy-headed shoegaze that fades into view and passes through you, drenched in what sounds like several different layers of soft noise, all converging to shroud the song in a warm blanket. They're called My Red Dress, they're a duo from California, and that's all we know.

My Red Dress' website

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Calling All Astronauts - It Could Have Been Lust

London trio Calling All Astronauts are generally keen to push forward music while keeping a message intact, and this month the electro-rock group offer up the post-punk and goth-influenced track 'It Could Have Been Lust'. Both grating and melodic at the same time, this dark song of love has complexities that offer something more with each listen.

Calling All Astronauts' website

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Dead Heart Bloom - Broken Babylon

'So It Goes' is the third in a series of EPs that New York band Dead Heart Bloom have released this winter, and if you want an easy entry point into their dreamy and majestic world, then they're offering the impressively fresh shoegaze of 'Broken Babylon' as a free download to help you do just that. The track was produced by Anthony Molina from Mercury rev.

Download 'Broken Babylon' for free by heading here

Dead Heart Bloom's website

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Dödens Dal - Ingenting Förändras

We featured a few tracks from the first album by Swedish duo Dödens Dal just over a year ago. Well they already have their second album ready to go today. Titled 'Korsa Jord, Luft, Is' (across earth, air, ice), the album is more wonderful sound textures that merge the worlds of dreampop and electronica. Here's new single 'Ingenting Förändras' which translates as "nothing ever changes".

Dödens Dal's website

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