Wednesday 26 February 2014

Eves - Zen

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We're reliably told that Eves is a "HUGE talent", but that's on the press release from her manager, so we generally don't hold much credence to such statements, although this press release does seem a little more excited that most we receive. We'd better see what the fuss is about anyway. Eves is a solo artist from Brisbane, and is currently in the middle of a leg of dates on Australia's east coast, her first such tour. Being able to book gigs in cities like Melbourne and Sydney shows that there must be some interest building already, and it only takes one listen to the song 'Zen' to see why. On the strength of this, was I stationed down under then I'd be making sure I got along to catch her while her career is in its infancy.

Eves has been making music for a couple of years now, and maybe this is why the music we're hearing sounds so complete: she's allowed herself the time to get everything right. The reason for trying to see her perform now? Well, the press release isn't far off, in a couple of years she could well be filling bigger venues, so these more intimate gigs might not last forever. 'Zen' is a prime example of the way in which pop, indie, shoegaze and more styles are all being squished together. So this song is reminiscent of Mazzy Star at some points, but then throws in a bigger, poppier chorus, not to mention the nicely composed indie sound of the verses. This is a very fine song, we'll hold the capital letters, but we'll agree that Eves could well be a huge talent.

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Catch her live:

Feb 27 Transit Bar, Canberra, Australia
Feb 28 Goodgod Small Club, Sydney, Australia
Mar 01 Rad Bar, Wollongong, Australia
Mar 06 Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane, Australia

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