Saturday, 1 February 2014

Luna Green - Mother Sent You Here

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We heard about Swedish artist Luna Green with her single 'Goblins Fruit' back in the summer, but information was scarce. Since then a few more details have come to light, and there's now a web presence for those who wish to follow her. In November her self-titled debut album was released through Swedish label National and also with the help of Parlophone, so with the big names wanting a piece of the pie you can be reasonably sure there's potential for significant inroads to be made. The first two tracks we heard suggested that Luna Green could well gain favour with those in charge of organisations like Radio 2 and Uncut magazine. There is an instant accessibility to what she does, but the songs are strong enough not just to fade into a beige background soundtrack; there's a marked quality to this music.

New single 'Mother Sent You Here' solidifies what we thought back then: it is radio friendly, it won't offend your Gran and it won't spawn a new genre of music. This is classy pop music that's made with a conventional band set-up - you could almost call it indie even, although the strong pop overtones just about prevent that. 'Mother Sent You Here' has a spooky quality to it as well, and this is one of the factors that elevates it above other potential Radio 2 fodder. The ambience is a little bleak with a quivering "don't send me back" ending the track and the instrumentation being rich and given just enough edge to build something less flimsy than others who attempt similar sounds. Luna Green could deservedly do very well for herself.

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