Sunday 16 February 2014

together PANGEA - Offer

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It's become annoying how many bands insist on spelling their names using only capital letters, almost as annoying as those who omit the vowels from their name. together PANGEA may well feel the same way, and that could be the reason for making one word entirely of lower case letters. Pangea in the name of the supercontinent thought to exist around 300 million years ago, so essentially the whole world (except the sea of course) was one land mass. Does together PANGEA mean that this LA group are trying to unite the world through music? Or does it mean that they're part of the Illuminati's plans to create a one world government, a ruling elite. In both cases the answer is almost certain a big fat "NO". But sometimes it's fun to cook up wacky ideas.

First appearing in the 'Snakedog' single, 'Offer' is now available on the band's 'Badillac' album. It doesn't have a UK release yet, but is easily available on import. Their lo-fi and scuzzy guitar sound isn't as ancient as the land spoken of in their name, but it can be traced back twenty years or so to when 4AD and Sub Pop were competing to find the best alternative rock music the country had to offer. There's something cinematic about the guitar and drum breaks, while the bass also deserves a mention for being the binding ingredient around which this fluid and harmonious track entwines itself. together PANGEA fit nicely into the lineage of the scenes we mentioned, and as so many fans of this style are still around (and more discovering its delights having missed out the first time around), it could be that this lot do pretty well.

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Catch them live:

Feb 17 Casa Del Popolo, Montreal, Canada
Feb 18 The Drake Hotel, Toronto, Canada
Feb 19 Subterranean, Chicago, IL
Feb 20 The Frequency, Madison, WI
Feb 21 7th St. Entry, Minneapolis, MN
Feb 22  Record Bar, Kansas City, MO
Feb 24 Larimer Lounge, Denver, CO
Feb 25 Kilby Court, Salt Lake City, UT
Feb 26 Flying M Coffee, Nampa, ID
Feb 27 Bunk Bar,Portland, OR
Feb 28 The Media Club, Vancouver, Canada
Mar 01 The Bartlett, Spokane, WA
Mar 02 Barboza, Seattle, WA
Mar 05 Bottom Of The Hill, San Francisco, CA
Mar 23 Burgerama III, Santa Ana, CA

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