Wednesday 26 February 2014

Racing Glaciers - Moths

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Ever been in a situation where you are so completely drawn to someone it becomes a trapping, borderline obsession that's unhealthily and you just can’t bring yourself to walk away from, even though you know you should? That kind of complete infatuation that will only lead to danger and heartache, but for one reason or another, you're okay with it, it seems worth it.

Well, Tim Monaghan (lead singer/keys/guitar,) Danny Thorpe backing vocals/rhythm guitar,) Matt Scheepers (backing vocals/bass/trumpet,) Simon Millest (lead guitar) and Matt Welch (drums) of Racing Glaciers can tell you a little bit about that through their latest offering 'Moths'. Self-released, the single is out March 2nd and conveys a progressive indie-rock meets folk sound. It's a delicate, fiercely climactic and experimental track that will have you so entangled you can’t help but press repeat again and again… and again.

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Mar 22 O2 Academy 2 Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom

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