Friday 21 February 2014

The Persian Leaps - Sleepless

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Many moons ago (well, twenty-odd years to be more precise), shoegazers Ride sang "I don't know where it comes from". They were referring in that instance, to turning the radio on and hearing nothing but bloody awful music. Of course, nowadays we have dozens of specialist radio shows, so whatever your taste then there's probably someone out there playing songs that you'll like. I bet Ride would have loved to have our inbox though. The amount of daily submissions we get is a three-figure number of some kind (as a rule, two to three hundred), and once you scrape away the crap, you're still left with a wealth of quality. It covers different tastes, naturally, and everyone won't like the same stuff (even amongst our writers there's a fairly wide variation in taste). But whatever you like, there's gold in them there emails, it's simply a case of listening though them to find it.

This morning I plucked out a large, shimmering nugget. They're called The Persian Leaps and hail from the city of Saint Paul, Minnesota. 'Sleepless' is a single taken from their EP 'Praise Elephants', and it's undiluted guitar-pop magic. Songs like this don't come with a date stamp: it may be new, but it could have been released at the same time as the aforementioned Ride song. You can expect guitars that freely weave their way through the song with an early indie jangle, you can expect melodies that are made of Super Glue and will stick with you for a long time, you can also expect heavy use of the repeat button. Call it indiepop with a shoegaze edge, call it C86-influenced, call it all of those commonly used terms. We think that, if you generally like the music we cover on this site, that you will love this. So we're just going to call it utterly fantastic. If it sounds like this, I don't care where it comes from, I just care that it exists.

The Persian Leaps' website

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Catch them live:

THU 03 APR Kitty Cat Klub, Minneapolis, MN, US
FRI 18 APR Hexagon Bar, Minneapolis, MN, US

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