Friday 28 February 2014

Richa - In The Wolf's Clothing

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Sometimes you can listen to a band, and although they might not be perfect yet, you can tell that there's potential; that they have more to offer and that future releases are likely to see them grow in stature. This was the exact opinion we had of Hereford band Richa after hearing their debut EP 'Atlantic' last summer. At that point they hadn't even been together for a year, and already the music they'd recorded left an impression, but you felt like they would get better, that the best was yet to come. How far the band will go remains to be seen and will be down to many factors, but we now have a follow-up EP, 'In Wolf's Clothing', which will be released on March 3rd. Have they progressed like we hoped in the past six months or so? You bet they have. Their strong point on the first EP was songs, and these are, naturally, a crucial factor. What we have now is that same high standard of songs, but thanks to a longer period to gel and what seems like bundles of confidence, they're now close to becoming the great band they'd hinted at.

Everything sounds as though it's had a foot-pump rammed up its arse and been blown up into epic proportions. The title-track definitely means business. This is visceral and self-assured, but never cocky. The musicianship is more free-flowing, as though they have a better understanding of how they work together. The whole dynamic, from the powerful, crashing drums to the intricate layers of guitar, just have that extra zest. The vocals too feel that bit more vital this time around. But 'In Wolf's Clothing' isn't the best on show. 'YOUNG' takes influence from hardcore as well as indie-rock and isn't afraid to go all out and do its damnedest to burst your eardrums. You can pick out elements of math-rock, and they sing "it makes me feel alive!" you can totally believe it. It's a ferocious tour-de-force that refuses to let up. 'TAMED' also displays this lack of fear in showing what excellent musicians Richa are. It's another weighty alt-rock track with vocals that are urgent and sharp; almost deranged even. Buy the EP in a few days time and you'll get two other tracks as well; these guys aren't short on ideas. This is the sound of conviction, the sound of a band who have the determination to make you listen, whether you want to or not. On the strength of this, you probably won't take much persuading.

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