Friday 7 February 2014

Be Forest - Captured Heart

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Normally when weird hand signals are involved, people start shouting "Illuminati!" or banging on about the Masons. So we've just decided that Be Forest must be the world's ruling elite, as their video for new single 'Captured Heart' shows off many hand signals, along with people sitting under pyramids of sticks, being tied up, and a tug of war contest, all on what looks like a picturesque but chilly shoreline. To give you an idea of the sound of the song, and by the way, it's taken from their new album 'Earthbeat' which is out this week, it's the kind of guitar-pop that could only have come from one of the Scandinavian countries. Perhaps those seaside shots back that up.

If we ignore all that and skip to facts, then the likelihood of this band having anything to do with secret societies is very slim. Also, they're actually Italian. So looks, or in this case sounds, can be deceiving. 'Captured Heart' is a quite lovely song though; it's indiepop but has a darker undercurrent that perhaps is absorbed from post-punk. The guitars can't make up their mind whether to twang or to chime, so they manage to do both at once. There's a deep rumble that's barely audible, but you can just about hear it through the angelic dreampop vocals, and they even throw in what appears to be a flute (or something very similar) solo without ever falling into the whole twee category. So essentially, 'Captured Heart' is a riddle and is made of parts that perhaps shouldn't work, but it's utterly wonderful.

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