Sunday 23 February 2014

KITS - The Glow

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KITS is the project of Jayson Turner, a man who's also a member of the fine Lancastrian band Sootytern. Initially keeping our feathered friends in mind, KITS' first announced itself on the music world's radar late last year with a cover of 'Burning Stars' by Mimicking Birds. Using a home studio and the time and atmosphere afforded to him by long winter nights and bloody awful weather, we now get the first original material from the project. We've spent the past few months trying to block this never ending deluge of folk music that is still pouring forth from every corner of the world thanks to the influence of some Mumfords and some Foxes. For most of these acts the tern "folk" is just abused; some people with a couple of acoustic guitars and maybe a violinist in tow have proved time and again that there are no short-cuts; you're either good or you're not, and if you're just hopping on a passing bandwagon then you're probably not.

In one sense, there was the worry that KITS would turn out to be one such project, but on the other hand, Sootytern know what they're up to, so the talent is there. Using the term "synth-folk", 'The Glow' isn't a let-down at all. In fact you could almost forget the folk aspect altogether and call this minimalist electronica with a warm heart. So much of the genre is simply bare and cold. Really, if you're a fan of categories then throw this in the "folktronica" pile, but make sure it lands on top because you'll probably want to return to it a good few times. The different sound textures and layers are neatly woven together and offer something of genuine quality, and also something that has clearly had a lot of thought put into it. This is a quality that music of this style often benefits from but doesn't always get, so kudos to KITS for washing our fears away with instant effect.

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