Wednesday 12 February 2014

Psycho & Plastic - Jello/Sugar

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If you need to put extra sugar on your jello then you're probably going to end up with diabetes, so it's lucky this is music rather than diet advice. This is the first time we've featured German pair Psycho & Plastic since their single 'Matekater' last summer, and we learnt then that the project is the result of two solo artists joining forces. It sounds as though great minds think alike, as they'd already toured together before laying down the two EPs they've jointly released up until now. This new single might give the impression of something sickly sweet, especially as that appears to be ice cream on the cover (we'll get the insulin ready), and in a way it is, but not the saccharin way you may imagine.

These are two electro-pop songs that remain to the left-field of the genre, so we shouldn't go expecting platinum discs and Grammy nominations, but there's enough of a pop aspect to avoid them getting caught in a very niche market. 'Jello' is full of squiggles and affected vocals, as well as a slightly bouncy beat that, although it doesn't sound designed for it, would work great on the dance floors of less commercial clubs. Things get taken a bit further on 'Sugar', and here they overlay all kinds of sounds, including what may be a guitar, along with whatever electronic devices they have chirping away as if a flock of automated, robotic birds had entered the studio. On paper this may sound messy, and to a degree it is, but it's a mess that works and perhaps makes this the better of the two songs here, especially as it builds and gets gradually stranger and stranger. It's the sweet sound of people having fun with musical equipment that Psycho & Plastic are all about, so in terms of your health, we'd recommend consuming as much as you like.

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FRI 14 FEB Gallerie C-keller, Weimar, Germany
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SAT 29 MAR BER, Berlin, Germany

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