Thursday 13 February 2014

Galants - Howling

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Music, for the most part, is subjective (although some things are objective, some things can be fact), and in our subjective opinion, indiepop and shoegaze are styles of music that have the ability to hand us some stunning sounds. Of course, they can also throw us a turd, but this goes for every genre out there. Galants are a trio from Dublin who, in single 'Howling', serve us up a lovely helping of melodic shoegaze, the kind that originally grew out of the '80s indiepop scene. So in terms of style, they're making nothing we haven't heard a million times before, but have they recorded some stunning sounds, or are they just handing us a great big steaming turd? (As solitary lines are often lifted from reviews for promotional purposes, we hope to find their next material coming with a press release that reads: "A great big steaming turd - The Sound Of Confusion")

That would just be for comedy value though, because 'Howling' is quite the opposite; stunning might be a word too far, but very impressive is a term that we'd happily use for this one. It's cliché o'clock when describing songs like this though. Soft and dreamy vocals, fuzzy guitars that hum with mild distortion, drums that clatter and smash away in the background, buried within the confines of the wall of sound that the rest of the instrumentation gives you, plus a surplus of classic melodies that recall many other bands. It's a driving, surging song though, so we'll draw the line at throwing ethereal in there which would give them a full house. If we cut to the chase then Galants are a budding new shoegaze band who have the tunes to match their sound. Correct boxes ticked here.

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