Monday 17 February 2014

Sleepy Hahas - Dull Days

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Calling this new single from Sleepy Hahas "universal" could be taken to mean that it just sounds like they've trotted out the same standard fare a a billion other bands, but we use that term because it's difficult to guess where the band originate from by their sound. I heard it, I thought they must be British. It turns out they're from New York. They could just as easily be from Australia or any other English speaking nation, and this statement isn't as obvious as it sounds. Some bands could only be the product of a certain country or area. I suppose that we've had so many decades of garage/indie bands now that the general sound has become a fairly global one.

By now you'll have probably guessed that there's little originality to be found on 'Dull Days', but that's never stopped bands in the past, some of the best bands ever in fact. When it comes down to the crunch, Sleepy Hahas have recorded a tune that has its beginnings in the beat and garage explosion of the '60s, then takes in the powerpop bands like Big Star, as well as punk and the melodic, energetic indie of, say, Supergrass or The Soft Pack (we could have picked a number of bands); so it's a combination of years of ace guitar music all bundled together into just under two-minutes of pure guitar-pop fun that packs a little extra punch, and you can't say fairer than that.

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