Sunday 23 February 2014

Then Comes Silence (feat. Anna Eklund) - She Lies In Wait

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You've all read the books, seen the films and heard the conspiracy theories on the internet, right? We're in the end of days. Darkness awaits us and the sinners on the earth will be given the Mark Of The Beast. Some suggest that this will be a microchip, some suggest that in the US this will manifest itself in our details being held on a computer system, so there's no escape. "ObamaCare" is apparently going to do this, so he must be the Antichrist. Others suggest this mark will be less cryptic. A barcode perhaps, or some kind of branding or symbol on your forehead. That's part of the idea behind this new video from Stockholm band Then Comes Silence for the song 'She Lies In Wait' which is taken from the album 'Then Comes Silence II'. Generally one of the darker bands of their music scene, guest vocals here are provided by the ever wonderful Anna Eklund from Sad Day For Puppets, something which offers a nice contrast to all that shade.

This pumping post-rock track has a gothic feel in places, and the bass may remind you of Peter Hook. There's an experimental, industrial feel too, and it's here that the sound and the visuals come together well. The video was shot in an old Cold War shelter and involves a girl who's given this mark, but who then fights back against the demons, blade in hand, and defeats them. It gets a bit gory, it's all very mysterious, a bit cryptic and very much a stark representation of life, either taken literally or as a metaphor for mental anguish; the whole thing has the feel of a bad dream. Definitely one of the highlights from the album, 'She Lies In Wait' shows Then Comes Silence seeming to challenge themselves a bit more; to push those boundaries and play around with different sounds to craft something with more identity. You'd have to say that the film only enhances this effect and could lead to them stretching their limits even further in the future.

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