Tuesday 25 February 2014

The Lucid Dream - Moonstruck/The Emptiest Place

Single review by soul1@thesoundofconfusion.com

Carlisle psych kings The Lucid Dream were one of the first of the new wave of British bands with a penchant for making music that's designed to have a strange effect on your brain, and they're currently at work on their second album following acclaimed debut 'Songs Of Lies and Deceit'. In the mean time, they're releasing this double A-side of pulsating noise and warped effects as part of the Too Pure Singles Club. Whether these songs will appear on the album we don't know, but if not, then these tunes provide us with proof that they still have plenty of gas left in the tank. There's nothing routine or half-baked about either track, and neither stands out above the other. Plus, both of them make a right royal racket, and that's always a bonus.

With a rapid, thumping beat and an extra helping of organ, 'Moonstruck' carries a sense of urgency that few bands can achieve so naturally. This isn't wafty, spaced -out psych, this is wide-eyed and alert; this is psych that's sharp and ready to pounce. Then it does just that, and the organ is joined by a huge wave of guitars that threaten to engulf the whole thing. Eventually they do and it all crashes away into nothing. There might be a slower start to 'The Emptiest Place', but that's only for a few seconds. Soon they're galloping off into the desert as though they're part of some acid-trip Western movie. A little more spacious, this time they do allow the pace to pause for breath, although it's still quite full-on and ends in a similar cacophony of noise as 'Moonstruck' did. You should probably set this as the wake up alarm on your phone. You'll be out of bed like a shot.

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