Friday 21 February 2014

Easy Company - See No Evil

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When you hear about a rock band from New Jersey then you'll probably have a few preconceived ideas as to what they'll sound like. It's true that Easy Company deal in fairly traditional rock, but those Springsteen, Gaslight Anthem and whoever else comparisons don't really fit here. The quartet could be from just about any English speaking country, but that's not to say they lack identity. 'See No Evil' is from their new EP 'Hello World', and if you're expecting something new then this probably isn't it. If you're expecting passion, loud guitars and bundles of energy then you've come to the right place. Easy Company sound like a band of very accomplished musicians who want to have fun. Not in a comedy or novelty way; they mean every single word, chord and beat of this song.

They're a very tight unit, and they use this to their advantage and create a proper balls-out blast of noisy guitar from the start, adding some harmonies back in the mix. The rhythm section is really the engine room of this song: inch perfect, powerful, unrelenting and taking no prisoners. The band even have the cheek to throw in a proper noodly guitar solo of the variety that we're not supposed to like and that should be the reserve of hair-metal bands, but because they have the force, determination and ability that they do, it actually works. A guilty pleasure? You could say that, but the operative word of that phrase is the second one. It's great to hear some guys playing it like they mean it.

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