Monday 17 February 2014

The Dead Strange - Dead House

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There's a lot of death going on here, but when you think about it, death is pretty much the only experience each of us will go through (conception can be done in a lab, babies can be born by caesarian), so it's naturally a subject that arises regularly throughout our lives. Are The Dead Strange as morbid as their band and debut single names suggest? Well, not really, but if you're expecting summer beach anthems then you might wish to pass on this one. At this point, with only a solitary song available for our listening pleasure, details are scarce, and not just in terms of whether all their music will all have a dark undercurrent. We know they're a duo, we think they might be from the UK, they sound like it anyway.

So with just that to go on, let's get down to the song. For a first effort (possibly, they could have been in notable bands for years before converging to form this project), 'Dead House' is incredibly professional, but not in a buffed-up arena-rock way; you'd have to describe them as coming under the broad umbrella of indie-rock. What's good about this song is that it doesn't just set out to replicate traditional indie-type bands, they're looking to offer something different. With the stumbling beat, pianos and versatile use of guitars, this thumping track does just that, perhaps not being a million miles away from the similarly dark band The Woe Betides. The Dead Strange are off to a good start, but we have no idea where their road is leading.

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