Wednesday 26 February 2014

Matthew And The Atlas - Pale Sun Rose

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Being the project of Matthew Hegarty (with a little help here and there), we're left to conclude that the name Matthew And The Atlas is his experiences of life on this planet, but maybe we're reading to deeply into that. A debut album is set for April and the first single from it, 'Pale Rose Sun', is out this week. It's almost unavoidable to think of Wild Beasts when hearing this track, and that's in part down to his rich and inch-perfect voice, but also the clearly well-constructed instrumentation. Where Wild Beasts can take a few listens to get to grips with, Matthew And The Atlas don't suffer from the same problem, so maybe they have the upper hand, and maybe this new Wild Beasts album will have some stiff competition in a couple of months time.

It's not all about sound-alikes though, 'Pale Sun Rose' compares so well because of its intricacies and individuality. The jittery beat, the plucked guitar (or possible a different stringed instrument) and a variety of other sound layers make for playful backing, a backing that contrasts brilliantly to the lyrical nous and sometimes downbeat subject matter that almost seems to be about the trappings of loneliness and the puzzle that is life. The video is an intriguing watch too. Featuring actor Charlie Cox as a fisherman who works alone, it shows him on what appears to be a normal day, that is until a strange package washes ashore. Inside is a body, a live human body, and it's his doppelgänger who looks as though he lives an opposing life as a suited city worker. As you may know, a doppelgänger is said to bring bad luck or even death, so we wont give the game away. Watch and enjoy, the name Matthew And The Atlas will be much better known this time next year, we're almost certain of that.

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Wed, April 2, Paradiso Kleine Zaal Weteringschans 6 - 8 1017 SG, Amsterdam, NL
Fri, April 4, Witloof Bar, Brussels, BE
Sat, April 5, Motel Mozaïque Festival, Paradijskerk, Rotterdam, NL

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