Tuesday 25 February 2014

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete - Chambers

Album review by soul1@thesoundofconfusion.com

Psychedelia. Are you as bored with reading that word as we are with typing it yet? There can be no denying the genre's in the spotlight again, but the trouble with this particular word is that, much like "pop" or "rock", it covers an incredibly broad range of music. 'Chambers' will be the third album from Mexican pair Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, and the first to get a proper release in Europe. It would be ever so easy to talk you through the album with a list of comparisons, but that would be lazy and do the band an injustice. Clichés could also be wheeled out and given an airing (there's two for starters). For example; 'Sealed Scene' is like The Sweet's 'Blockbuster' - on acid, naturally! This driving, screeching track is followed by 'Third Wave' which is The Velvet Underground and Nico teaming up with The 13th Floor Elevators and getting Sonic Boom to man the desk.

So comparisons and clichés are readily available to those who want them, but a shortcut in that respect can be found right at the beginning and runs through the rest of the tracks to varying degrees. If you think Stereolab collaborating with Temples then you have a decent approximation of where things are at. 'What's Holding You' has the drones, experimental nature and female vocals (although there's no real Laetitia Sadier aping going on, it purely is a case of female vocals that are slightly deadpan, also in keeping with Nico in that respect), but it also has the beats, the drive and the guitars of the new UK psych darlings. 'The Myth Of The Wise' contains the same components but they're put together differently, and as the album goes on you notice that there is no formula, no rules that are being followed. Despite certain references, 'Chambers' is surprisingly diverse, and this certainly helps their cause and keeps interest levels high.

The first real change comes in 'Dead Leaves' where they drop into a deeper, weightier vibe; it's one to get lost in and the vocals sound a bit like they're beamed in from somewhere else and projected onto the song. It's a trippy effect and feels smoky and slightly mystical. If you're after an instant hit, then head for the garagey, foot-tapping 'It's Different Now', again plenty of groove is provided, but this time with male vocals and a more accessible feel. The floaty, 'Grieving' is a dreampop delight that many will also connect with right away (should we mention Cocteau Twins, Mazzy Star or Beach House? Well we said we wouldn't...). Bluesy single 'Music For Dozens' is as close as we come to a '60s relic, but the production makes it really stand out, especially those otherworldly vocals again. Near instrumental '13 Flowers' ensures that we're taken towards the end of our voyage in trippy fashion, before they sign off with the spaced-out 'Thoughts About Night Noon' with its catchy chorus and jangling percussion. So then, psychedelia, you might be trying to infiltrate the entire world of guitar-based music, but if you're going to do so, then please keep us supplied with the diversity and quality of bands like Lorelle Meets The Obsolete.

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March 4 – Italy – Lugano – House Show
March 5 – Italy – Padova – Circolo Mame
March 6 – Italy – Genova – Teatro Altrove
March 7 – Italy – Brescia – Lio Bar
March 9 – Italy – Mantova – Arci Virgilio
March 12 – Spain – Vitoria – University
March 13 – Spain – Madrid – El Perro
March 14 – Spain – Barcelona – Lupita del Raval
March 15 – Spain – Hondarribla – Psilocyba
March 16 – Spain – Zaragoza – La Lata de Bombillas
March 19 – Switzerland – Düdingen – Bad Bonn
March 20 – Switzerland – Zurich – Bogen F
March 21 – France – Creil – La Grange à Musique
March 22 – France – Paris – Le 104
March 25 – France – Bordeaux – Le Bootleg
March 26 – France – Nantes – Stéréolux
March 28 – France – Verneuil – Le Sillo
March 29 – France – Grenoble – La Bobine
April 1 – Germany – Jena – Café Wagner
April 2 – Germany – Nürnberg – MUZclub
April 3 – Germany – Dresden – Beatpol
April 4 – Germany – Berlin – White Trash
April 5 – Netherlands – Amsterdam – Paradiso
April 7 – UK – Leeds – Wharf Chambers
April 8 – UK – Manchester – Gullivers
April 10 – UK – London – The Dalston Victoria
April 11 – UK – Bristol – Start The Bus

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