Thursday 20 February 2014

Scammers - A Song That Can Exist

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"Make this a song that can exist". Scammers, thank you for making this song exist. It's a bit special. If you're hoping for facts and so on, then you're out of luck. We can tell you that the brains at work here belong to a man called Phil Diamond, and the Bandcamp page we found for him says little more. One of the tags is "Kansas City", so we'll assume that's where Scammers calls home. 'A Song That Can Exist' is the title track from a new EP, and it takes a lot of talent to come up with a song like this. If you care about lyrics, construction, production and so on, then this is faultless in all of those aspects. If you're more interested in just hearing a tune that will make you stop what you're doing and pay attention, well you get that too. Yeah, it's over seven minutes long, but if it was twice that it would still leave a mark on your brain.

It's not often that lengthy, slow tracks like this catch your attention on first play, but this is a rare exception. The croon will remind you of, say, Nick Cave at his more mellow, and it's packed with emotion. Musically 'A Song That Can Exist' takes the word "atmosphere" and lifts it to a new level. There are no virtuoso musical breaks, there doesn't need to be. In fact that would ruin things. The constant hum and steady beat are just about all that's needed it craft something with such a huge amount of beauty. The bassline also does nothing fancy, it does its job, and it does it perfectly. I know we're prone to getting overexcited about music on occasion, but when something this good comes along, I'm afraid we just have no choice. Press play, then repeat.

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