Friday 21 February 2014

The Seed Coat - Not The Way I Want To Be

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And so it continues... the unstoppable force that is the psychedelia revival. Oh, and before anyone accuses Swedes The Seed Coat of hanging off any coattails that don't belong to seeds, we'll just point out that they're not a new band, indeed we first featured the collective nearly two years ago in a Band To Check Out feature, and they already had a fair few tunes by then, despite the fact that they were still about as boxfresh as bands can be. Alexander Eldefors was the main man then, and the album they'd released was mostly written, recorded and played by him, with the odd helper here and there. Skip to the present, and we find they've morphed into a fully-fledged band. It's always nice when a group we've put our faith in come good. I wish I could say it happens to each and every one, but sadly that's far from the case.

So it was wonderful news to hear that a second album, 'Adolescence', was on the way and that they'd become a six-strong unit. The first fruit of that album is single 'Not The Way I Want To Be', and it does the job nicely. As with many of the new breed, there are modern elements to the song due to equipment, production and general environment, but this track is reasonably traditional and we could throw in a few comparisons, but you'll be able to hear them for yourself. As with any style, new or old, the deciding factor as to whether or not it's much cop is the actual tune. We can confirm that 'Not The Way I Want To Be' successfully achieves its goal of taking a few trippy sounds, some guitar effects, and a sprinkling of their own style and whisks them together to form a perfectly good example of its genre. We'll be hoping for more of the same when the album arrives.

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'Adolescence' is set for release in April

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