Sunday 9 February 2014

Blåtime - No Longer There

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Is it a coincidence that about half the bands we've featured since the Winter Olympics started have been from countries that are traditionally well known for being a little chilly and reeling in the medals at such competitions? Well, no to be honest. There are so many bands from the Nordic countries that get write-ups here that it's only the UK and US that rival them. Just why this is we can't explain, but maybe the cold winter days and long nights lend themselves to staying in and conjuring up some stunning and often atmospheric music. That appears to be the case with Blåtime anyway.

The Norwegian collective are still shiny and new, and their SoundCloud page offers only two recordings so far, including their latest release 'No Longer There'. It's expansive without being particularly lengthy or associating itself with post-rock. This track gently ticks along adding different layers over different sections of the song, from the harmonised vocals to the brass and the steady bassline that holds everything together. Just as it begins to build, everything drops away for a second, before returning for an impressive and majestic ending where they allow everything the freedom to do what it wants for a few while, and naturally it merges together to a stately finale.

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