Tuesday 11 February 2014

Warm Widow - Dog Heaven

Single review by soul1@thesoundofconfusion.com

The other day I was talking to a chap who plays in a fairly well-known and respected band. We were talking about music videos and came to the general consensus that there's not really any point in them any more. So many of them are the same, everything's pretty much been done, they can cost a lot of money, and the nobody really bothers watching them anyway. We have to doff our proverbial cap to Manchester trio Warm Widow who've done away with convention for this promo for the song 'Dog Heaven' from their new second album 'Childless'. Long-term fans of the band will already be aware that they have an obtuse obsession with our canine friends, with their debut offering containing the tracks 'Lost Dog' and the curiously-named 'Dog In A Surgery'.

This video contains vintage footage of cats, chickens and, naturally, dogs. Dogs performing all kinds of tricks and other shenanigans including getting kicked off a park bench by a warden, drinking what appears to be a bottle of beer, and, er, attempting to hang themselves. It's a weird and wonderful watch and restores a bit of faith in the notion of visuals accompanying audio. We wouldn't be talking about it at all if it wasn't a good song though, so even if you just download the MP3 you'll get a nicely buzzing, slightly DIY sounding alt-rock/grunge tune that will leave your ears tingling, has just enough melody to make you go back for second helpings and is pleasantly ruff around the edges (well come on, I'm allowed one dog-based pun here, surely?).

Warm Widow's website

Catch them live:

Thurs 13th Feb - Childless Album Launch, Kraak, Manchester, United Kingdom

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