Thursday 6 February 2014

Broken Hands - My Orbit Changes Every Day (Demo)

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We've proclaimed many things in the past, and most of them come to nothing. But that's just because people have no taste. Sarcasm aside, the two tracks we featured by Kent band Broken Hands last year ('Curves' and 'Pulled Under' should you wish to check them out, and we recommend that you do) were pretty big indie-rock songs; not in a made-for-the-charts kind of way, they weren't buffed to oblivion and plastered with every studio trick going, they seemed genuinely huge songs that should attract attention and pull them out of the toilet circuit and into the press. They should be making this lot a full-time touring and recording act of some merit.

There's another potential break on the horizon, and the band have unveiled a little something new to go with it. Back-to-back London dates will be followed by appearances at SXSW, still one of the biggest and most important showcases in the alternative music world. It's difficult to see how they can aviod getting noticed, despite the fact that half of the world's up and coming bands will be there. 'My Orbit Changes Every Day' is just a demo, but it's another case of a demo that's disguised as a monster psych-rock song that feels totally complete. This is a massive track that gives nods to fuzz-rock, deep psych and even shoegaze; it takes away any doubts we had that they may end up being another lad-rock band. Broken Hands are the real deal, and by the sounds of it they're ready to blow your ears off.

Broken Hands' website

Catch them live:

11th Feb - The Miller, London, UK - SOLD OUT
12th Feb - The Miller, London, UK
11-16th March - SXSW, Austin TX, USA

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