Saturday 8 February 2014

Beaty Heart - Kanute's Comin' Round

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Despite how ridiculously simple we make it seem (yeah right!) writing reviews on a regular basis is not always as straightforward as one might assume. After the fifth dreampop critique on the trot, you quickly begin to realise there’s a fairly limited lexicon for describing wispy vocals and uniform drum patterns! Every so often however the dark hours spent snapping pens; throwing the monitor out the window; crying; and running to our mums for a hug, are illuminated by a blinding beacon of light – these are the days on which Beaty Heart reveal a new single! Why are these moments such cause for unbridled celebration? Well it's because without fail, what we find on our hands is the struggling scribe's manna from heaven – tunes so off-the-wall that essentially it doesn't matter what the hell we write, it's never going to come close to capturing what on earth was going on in that studio!

In fact, you know what, let's not even bother doing a review today, let's just shoot the breeze instead. What did you get up to last night then reader? Really?? Is that even legal!! What me? Well I watched a programme called 'Lost Land Of The Jaguar' set in the unspoiled rain forests of Guyana, it was pretty good, lots of exotic animals... though I did watch it for a full hour and not see a Jaguar, bit of false advertising there really, BBC! Think it might have been a repeat, in fact I'm sure it was, because how else can we explain Beaty Heart's latest track, 'Kanute's Comin' Round', being the perfect soundtrack for the colourful theatre played out right there on screen?

Commencing with aboriginal overtones, ‘'Kanute...' quickly spins off into an exotic jungle of percussive playfulness. Whether that wilderness is Amazonian, Caribbean, or South Sea Islands in its nature, is totally down to your own imagination's preference, but wherever it is tribes inhabit - ones who take great delight in teasing visitors with a spot of encircled chorus chanting, only to then burst into a bright display of their proud musical prowess, harnessing waterfalls of rhythm and calypso coated melody. Dour this is not! If that description leaves you scratching your head, then good, it should do! There are countless other interpretations that could be just as valid, so on this one, reader, you take the reins; treat your mind to a little wander and see where Beaty Heart deposit you... and should you make it out alive come back and tell us of the wonders you unearthed!

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