Thursday 20 February 2014

Band To Check Out: Moon Crashers

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I caught female folk duo Moon Crashers down on the LES Monday night at Mercury Lounge. They are a guitarist and a cellist who sing catchy, bittersweet, folk songs about not liking living in the city, or being lonely and also not liking the city. They combine a vaguely traditional folk approach with a certain pop sense, with some slight bluegrass influence. The set started with a sad, haunting tribute to Pete Seeger. They are both accomplished musicians in their own right, and have been playing together for years.

The cellist has a syrupy sweet voice to accompany the slightly grainy mid-range female vocals of the main singer and guitarist. The cellist both bows and plucks beautifully throughout the set and lets the audience know how she feels about each song before it starts and then giggles a little. The guitarist is pretty much sticking to chords, there isn't much folksy picking going on, but without a rhythm section she doesn't have much choice. The songs are well-crafted and lyrically sound, and even when the rhymes are a little lazy they are packaged smartly. Moon Crashers are going to record an album funded by Kickstarter. If you donate they will come to your apartment and clean it.

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