Monday 24 February 2014

PREMIERE: Skyes - Secondhander

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As regular readers will be aware, we always keep a close eye on the New York scene, even having a writer based there. But it's Brooklyn in particular that is perhaps the area's greatest hotbed of activity and innovation. Genres are thrown out of the window as people opt to just make "music" instead of anything specific. One such band who are using this approach are Skyes. Relationships ending aren't always a good thing, and when the initial duo of DA Knightly & guitarist Dan split, you'd perhaps expect the Skyes story to end there, but it looks like that was just the beginning. Instead they kept making music by expanding into the quartet that we have today. Naturally, describing their sound means listing bits of lots of styles that have been squished together. For the sake of giving it a name, let's just say experimental electro-pop.

Having waited until they got the sound they were after, Skyes are on the verge of releasing their debut EP, and look like being one of the most talked about new bands from that part of the world due to their ability to straddle the worlds of soul, indie, pop, electro and more. 'A Girl Named Jake' is a lively number that would sound as great on the radio as it would pumping out of the speakers at either a gig or a club. These guys really are universal. There's emotion here too though, and the attention to detail and structure of their music also doesn't follow the rules. For proof that Skyes don't really do formulas, have a listen to the cosmic pop of 'Secondhander' which we'd proud to to able to première. The soulful vocals become a focal point for the verses, but the interesting instrumentation means that repeat plays yield even more returns. From the tribal drums to the space-age bleeps and bloops, this is pop music designed for 2014, and in a world that spends so much time looking back, this is a welcome change. We think you'll be hearing a lot more from these guys.

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