Friday 14 February 2014

My Education - Deep Cut

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Traversing your way through the world of post-rock can be like navigating blindfold through a minefield. There are some truly epic, awe-inspiring sounds that tower above you and make it seem like the universe is about to cave in on itself, and then there are dreary, drawn-out, ambient soundscapes that don't go anywhere and will most likely switch your mind to trying to remember what you need next time you go shopping or some other mundane task. Basically, anything but noticing that you're listening to a band making some expansive soundzzz. Well, My Education are from Texas and have been around for a few years (their new EP is a remaster of previous work) and they seem to have a good fanbase, so they must be doing something right. At least you'd hope so, a quick bit of research reveals that they have about 58 members, so they must all do something, right?

Actually, this single from EP '5 Popes' is very much towards the mellower side of post-rock. The drums gently tick away, they don't ever explode into a crescendo of sound; the guitars are soft and meander through the song as if they're just soaking up the sunshine, rather than trying to sound like they're actually aiming for the skies. The strings add a warming ambience to 'Deep Cut', and this is the trick to the song. It's not a towering, all-conquering powerhouse of slow build and then nuclear-sized, cataclysmic ending, and neither is it a snooze-fest. This is a beautiful piece of music and something of an exercise in restraint. They could go wild, but they don't, because the atmosphere they create is one you can become absorbed in. When the song does swell more towards the end, it's not by much; just enough to show that they know exactly how to balance the dynamics of the song so that is a shimmering wonder. Minefield crossed successfully.

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